Neglectful Parent

September 2nd, 2013 at 4:20 pm | Mobile Transmissions

Oh, look. I’ve neglected my poor little blog these past several months. Honestly, I do miss posting here, and it’s not as if I haven’t been doing all the things and have a lack of things to write about.

I’m considering just making Tumblr my primary writing tool for the time being. It’s easy to use and manage, especially for a mobile chap like myself. Have to give this some more thought.

I hope everyone has been doing well, or at the very least, are not dead.

2 Responses to “Neglectful Parent”

  1. Nafie Doodle

    It is cool having your own site and not a site hosted by something like Tumblr, Geocities, Anglefire, etc. But do what you will; it’ll give me an actual reason to use my Tumblr!

  2. Josh Bales

    It is cool having my own domain name, and there’s something to be said about not being beholden to any company’s platform. I’ll probably just continue using Tumblr as I’ve been using it: as a way to bookmark things that are interesting to me as to reference later.

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